About Our Shed Company

The Story Of Our Shed Company

Thank you for visiting our site and showing interest in our storage shed company. We might not be the biggest shed company around, but we try hard to be the best shed builder in Northwest Arkansas. As a locally-owned, Mennonite shed business, we work hard to provide service that makes you feel valuable and understood. We love Northwest Arkansas and our fellow Arkansans. We think that will show as we work with you. Here is the story of our company.

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The Pete Hochstetler family moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1999. Originally from Indiana, they had been living as missionaries in the Dominican Republic for numerous years. When they decided to return from the mission field, they wanted to move to a new location, with the vision to help start a new church. They chose Madison County, Arkansas. We are glad they did!

Lonnie, one of the Hochstetler sons, was only a young teenager when they moved, but it didn’t take him long to fall in love with the beautiful Ozarks and the friendly, relaxed culture of Northwest Arkansas. His dad purchased a farm just a few miles outside of Huntsville, Arkansas and put up a few turkey barns. As a family they started raising turkeys and cattle and, you guessed it, building storage barns.

Those were good days! Lonnie has many memories (mostly good ones) of working in the shed shop with his dad and sisters. When dad was around they built sheds. When he wasn’t around, well….they did get some sheds built, but they also goofed off a lot. From the very beginning, the Hochstetlers were all determined to build the best sheds that could be found in Northwest Arkansas. They spent a lot of time working on the best designs, experimenting, and searching for the best materials. We still have the same goals and do the same thing today.

It didn’t take long for the word to get around that the best storage buildings could be bought from Crestwood. Our customers talked to their friends, and our shed company grew and became a successful business.

Eventually, Lonnie became more and more involved in running the business, and after a few years of managing it, decided to purchase the business from his dad, freeing him up to work on the farm and pursue other ventures. For quite a few years he was able to run the business that supported his family and served other Arkansans. In the summer of 2019 Lonnie followed in his parents steps and moved with his young family back to the Dominican Republic for mission work. In the process a close friend and fellow church member, Micah Miller, took over management of the business.

When Lonnie moved back from the DR in the Fall of 2022, he integrated back into the business and resumed his role of owner/manager at the beginning of 2022. He’s excited about jumping back into the business and seeing it grow in the coming years.

Much has changed in the industry since the Hochstetler family first started building sheds. As a company we have built thousands of sheds and learned a lot. However, one thing has not changed – our commitment to building the best sheds for sale in Northwest Arkansas at a price that you can afford. We’re grateful for the legacy that has been passed on in this company. A legacy of doing things right the first time, not cutting corners, and working to serve others first of all. We look forward to building on this legacy and having you be a part of our story