Top 3 Places to Buy Wood Sheds in Northwest Arkansas

top 3 places to buy wood sheds in northwest arkansas

This post puts us in a bit of a strange, self-inflicted predicament: we think we’re qualified to give a knowledgeable review of wood shed options in Northwest Arkansas (I mean it’s our specialty after all), but we also know that we’re strongly biased, we think justifiably so. So this is our unabashedly biased and yet (hopefully) helpful review of some of the best options for purchasing a wood shed in Northwest Arkansas.

#1. Crestwood Storage Sheds

Our Brazenly Self-Promoting #1 Choice for Wood Sheds in Northwest Arkansas

crestwood storage barns best sheds in northwest arkansas

We’ve seen a lot of sheds in our time and we’re quite convinced we can compete with the best. Not to brag, but we also are the most reviewed shed company in NWA with a 5-Star rating. Ever since the beginning of our company over 20 years ago, we were determined to offer the best metal and wood sheds in Northwest Arkansas at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of shed styles, prefab or on-site builds, and full customization of your shed. We often have a variety of shed inventory for you to choose from if you need a shed immediately, or we can custom build one to your specs if you’re willing to wait a bit longer for your dream shed.

We are a super local, small business so there’s a good chance that the person who sells you the shed will also be involved in building it and might even be the one to deliver it to you. For more details on our wood sheds and the options we offer scroll further down this post.

Overview of Crestwood Storage Buildings

  • Small, Local Mennonite-owned and operated business
  • Fully customizable storage sheds
  • Will stand by our buildings
  • Free delivery to most of NWA
  • Affordable and competitive pricing
  • Commitment to quality and customer service

#2. Himsl Building

Rick Himsl with Himsl Buildings in Gravette has been building portable buildings in Northwest Arkansas for over 35 years. One of the reasons we list him as our #2 choice for wood sheds in Northwest Arkansas is that he is another small, local business that is building his own sheds rather than working with a large shed builder/producer like many other shed dealers do. We like local and we’re proud to see other local businesses succeed.

himsl building northwest arkansas storage sheds

A wood shed built by Himsl Building.

Himsl Building is unique in that they only build sheds on-site, so if you’re looking to buy a prefab shed this isn’t the place for you. The shed quality is something that we feel comfortable recommending and he offers a variety of styles and options for you to choose from.

Overview of Himsl Building

  • Small, Local Business
  • Owner Operated
  • Quality Building Specs
  • On-Site Shed Building Only

#3. Home Depot


Why in the world would we recommend a big corporate, mass-produced shed option as our #3 option for wood sheds in NWA? Well, some people seem to still like big corporate, impersonal, mass-produced, cookie cutter, corner cutting options for storage sheds. If this describes you, just ignore everything we’ve said above about our #1 and #2 picks and go to Home Depot and order a cookie cutter Tuff Shed. We struggle to understand your life choices, but we’ll still do our best to respect your decision.

Overview of Home Depot Sheds

  • Big Corporation
  • Mass Produced, Cookie Cutter Wood Sheds
  • Poorly Rated Shed Buying Experiences

So, there’s our short list of best places to purchase wood sheds in Northwest Arkansas. If you want to give us a chance to prove to you that we are the best options in Northwest Arkansas for wood sheds, here are some more details about our sheds.

Our Available Styles of Wood Sheds in Northwest Arkansas

beautiful quaker wood shed northwest arkansas

The Cottage Shed

This wood shed style is also commonly called the “Quaker Shed”. It is unique with an offset a-frame roof that has a large overhang on the front, giving it more of a quaint, cottage feel. This wood shed is very adaptable and is commonly used for lawn and garden storage. But, it also works great for other specialized usages, like home offices, studio sheds, etc…

View Cottage Sheds
the gable wood shed in northwest arkansas

A-Frame Wood Sheds

This is the classic gable-style shed that is ideal for a variety of uses. It is our most popular shed style. They are available in a variety of size and can be easily customized to include your unique needs. These wood sheds are great for workshops, household storage, home offices, and more.

View A-Frame Sheds
barn style wood sheds for sale in northwest arkansas

The Barn Style Shed

This wood shed styles sports a traditional barn-style hip roof with high walls and plenty of space for a loft (a standard feature). These sheds are incredibly adaptable to a variety of uses. You can really amp it up by adding a porch to create a lovely cabin, or by including a garage door for equipment storage.

View Barn-Style Sheds
mini barn wood sheds for sale in northwest arkansas

The Mini Barn

Our most economical storage barns. These small storage sheds are practical and durable. Ideal for you if you are needing more storage space or wanting to add a small workshop onto your property.

View Mini Barns

Reviews from Customers Who Purchased Sheds in Northwest Arkansas

love my new storage barn from Crestwood! If you are looking for quality and excellent service, Micah will take care of you. Thanks again!

Tezra Eubanks / Facebook Review
We just got a shed from Micah at Crestwood, and it’s been a great experience. Not only is it a beautiful shed, perfect size and colors, he also helped us with a quote and all the necessary information for the required permit, and he arranged delivery, set it up, leveled it, everything! I can’t believe how easy this process was, and the quality of the building is so far superior to anything you can get at Lowes or anything else. I’m still amazed at how well-priced this shed was, and that it included delivery and setup…highly recommend!
Morgan Scholz / Google Review
If you need a storage shed I highly recommend the folks at Crestwood. No issues at all and we were very satisfied with the results.
Kelly Freeman / Google Review

A Wood Shed Customer Story

beautiful wood shed sheds for sale in arkansas

One of our customers, Mariette Spidel, a resident here in Northwest Arkansas, purchased a wood shed from us a few years back. With some creative interior finishing, she turned her shed into a beautiful she shed and garden shed combo. She is a master gardener and her shed is the hub for her garden space but it has also become her relaxing retreat space. Click the link below to read the whole story of Miss She Shed.

Read the Story of Miss She Shed
beautiful wood she shed in northwest arkansas
a wood garden shed in northwest arkansas

Photo Gallery of Our Customers Sheds in Northwest Arkansas

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